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Secure your email too!

SSL for Email? Not many people know you can enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over your email connection to prevent third-parties from potentially viewing your email messages. In fact not many people stop to think that their email traffic could be intercepted at all. But...
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What is SSL and do I need it?

What’s this about Google and SSL? You may be aware that beginning in January 2017 Google has been changing the way their Chrome address bar displays the security and authenticity of your website. Specifically, any login/password page or any page that takes credit card...
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Responsive design make-over for NiftyQuoter. And yes, it’s free!

This new-year we updated our proposal system to capitalise on responsive design. Like the plumber who’s taps at home never get fixed, it’s easy to keep so busy upgrading customer’s systems that you take longer than you’d like to do your own. But the time...
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NiftyQuoter custom CSS for responsive proposals

Please see here for the article that relates to this responsive CSS code
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