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Essential Elements To Good Website Design


When you see a badly designed website, you recognize it right away. Slow-loading graphics look dated, text cannot be read easily and navigation is confusing. If you want quality website design, Albury recommends certain traits that will make the whole visit much more enjoyable for anyone who comes to your site. Our 10 years of website design experience helps us create the vital elements to your website. This results in more visitors staying on your site longer and making more purchases or contacts.

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Can the Website be Read Easily?

It is generally accepted that dark text on a light background is the most easily read colour combination. On the internet, this is especially important, as screen glare can also interfere with clarity. User-friendly websites have dark text, a legible font and a plain light-coloured background. Avoid the use of patterned backgrounds as they can obscure text as well.

Centre headlines, but align all other text with the left margin. Do not use all capital letters unless you wish to appear to be shouting at your visitors. This is fine for the occasional accent word or headline, but not for text that needs to be read line by line. Choose a font size that is neither too big nor too small. If the font and text design you choose makes people feel comfortable reading it, they will be more likely to stay longer on your website.

Can Site Visitors Navigate to All Pages?

Visitors who end up on your home page may be enticed to stay and explore because of your professional graphics and enticing, grammatically correct text. However, if they cannot find the links to other site pages, they will leave again quickly. Text links on a menu bar or navigation list are the simplest formats for all visitors to notice and use. Many websites use graphics or buttons to navigate to other pages. These can be confusing if not clearly labelled with alt-text on mouse-over. Navigation is not the place to put extreme graphic effects or flash.

Using universally recognizable link colours can help people find your navigation with ease. Unvisited links are blue and underlined, while visited links are purple. Highlighting a link usually results in some type of change; the link could become bold or change colour. Of course, many websites match the link colours to the scheme of the overall site. Just be sure the navigation links stand out from the rest of the text.

The primary goal of any quality website design in Albury is to make it easy for visitors to find the information or product they are looking for. Keep a consistent style for the content links across all pages of your site. Do not match heading fonts or size to links so they are not clicked on by mistake. In addition, simplify navigation so all information and products can be found in three clicks or less. Otherwise, you risk losing visitors from sheer confusion.
Can Your Site be Found Online?

How much traffic does your website currently have? The only place the quote “If you build it, they will come” works is in Hollywood movies. Unfortunately, many site owners still believe it. Promotion, search engine optimization and marketing are all essential parts of creating a profitable online business. Top-quality firms specializing in website design in Albury recognize these needs and help develop your site to improve internet visibility and attract more targeted traffic. They can utilize the most popular types of internet advertising such as search engine placement, banner and graphical ad placement, directories, social media campaigns, e-zines and sponsored links on other quality websites.

Offline marketing campaigns can help your website be found by interested consumers as well. Newspaper, magazines, radio and television ads can be effective, but professional advertisers will know exactly what techniques to use for maximum results. A small business owner with a website can also get business cards, stationery and letterhead, invoices and packing slips and other material printed with your address and website URL.

It is vital that site visitors who need more information or clarification about something they read on your site can contact you. It increases positive customer service and promotes trust in your company. Always be available for:

• Answering questions raised while they are on your site.
• Reporting errors or broken elements of your website.
• General feedback and opinion reviews.

While an easy-to-use contact form benefits visitors greatly, it is equally important to provide alternate methods of contact. A professional company will list phone number, email addresses and physical address if applicable. This helps visitors choose the method of contact that works best for them.

Use Consistent Design and Graphic Layout

Consider a website to be a large brochure or magazine. Style choices, graphics, colour themes and font choices should remain consistent on every page so that visitors come to recognize where they are easily. This gives a much more professional image than a website with a mixture of styles and graphics on individual pages.
Here are some great examples of the type of consistency that should be used on all pages of your website:

• Same graphic mark and size for bulleted lists.
• Consistent colours of links, bolded text and headlines.
• Display the company logo on every page of the website.
• Same background colour and gradient or texture on all pages.
• Font choice, alignment and font size should remain consistent.
• Keep photo and image borders and margins the same.

Keep Load Times Short

Research done about the maximum time a visitor will remain on a non-loading website varies depending on the study, but all put the number under 15 seconds. Some say it is as low as 5 seconds before a visitor will click away from your site if it does not load. No matter how large or data-heavy your website is, it must load quickly or you risk losing a lot of business. This is especially true for companies that do not have strong brand recognition and a foothold firmly in the industry yet.
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