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The Health Care Sector in Albury Wodonga


The health care and social services industry in Albury Wodonga is a very active and busy sector in this community. It will invariably need a great deal of assistance in developing its technological and digital presence online. Our services are more than prepared to assist the health industry in making patient care and well being of Albury Wodonga residents become much easier to administer.

At present the Albury Council survey found that 53 per cent of all medical practitioners and GPs use health records either online or electronically. We can provide resources to help drive this figure up, particularly when as many as three quarters of all doctors, medical staff and practitioners have expressed a keen interest in using computers to share information with patients during clinical sessions and consultations. We believe that figure could be even more if so many didn’t believe that becoming digital and making the best use of computing service seemed so daunting. Our company can provide consultation and will take out much of the hard and baffling work to get the health industry and its workers to become more digitally active.

In fact more than half of all practitioners have expressed a keen interest in using computers to engage with their clients outside consultations. The health sector can engage in the digital economy forum, or create digital networking events which can become particularly useful when the social services and health workers are addressing groups of people.

New industry could locate to Albury Wodonga by introducing data centres, call centres and processing centres, all of which will be encouraged to come to the twin cities because of its future in digital innovation and super speed broadband. It really is a case of “build it and they will come.”

The Benefits of Using Broadband

Companies that are currently enjoying the benefits of broadband were asked what exactly they seem to get out of it. The Albury Wodonga based businesses cited increased productivity and efficiency were two noticeable differences it was gaining from using broadband. But it’s the expanding market base and greater reach that is really gaining ground when a company can use broadband.

Using broadband will allow you to do business all over the world and not simply restrict your services to the local community. Many businesses in Albury Wodonga would benefit from doing more business on a national scale rather than just being confined to doing business with the two cities.

The powerhouse city of Melbourne in just 200 miles south of Albury Wodonga and Sydney lies just five hours drive along the Hume Highway about 350 miles away. A digital broadband revolutionizing your online presence would bring these two big cities considerably closer.
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