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Digital Age Albury
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The Digital Age


Albury and Wodonga have a target that will see all its businesses and residents become broadband ready by 2015. By the year 2018, every single business in Albury and Wodonga will be part of the digital age and having some kind of roadmap to make your business succeed in the digital era will become important, even imperative if your business is to survive.

Retailers in Albury and Wodonga should all have a digital online presence by now, although most of them do there are still some that are a little behind and have only a small online presence. Retailers and businesses should be taking advantage of having a social media presence too. Again this is an area where we can help and bring your business onto popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. The more backlinks you have to your business, the more chance you have of potential customers coming along and finding your website. It is not easy to maintain social media sites because these areas need constant updating, regular updates and media added to keep you at the front of the search engine pages. We can not only help your business with this but we can consult too and show you the best way forward when engaging your business with social media.

In Albury and Wodonga there will be a huge shift in the way residents will be able to vote, ask the council about a local matter, pay rent or rates, submit forms and planning applications and participate in local workshops and consultative matters; it’s all going to be performed online.

the digital age

To some, the arrival of the digital age has been daunting and many like to think the old ways worked just fine. But the truth is that the world is shifting like an unstoppable train towards the digital age and any business that hopes to be competitive will need to get involved online.

Social Media Can Provide Rich Media

Social media is more than capable of providing rich media like info graphs and video, and what better way to promote your business via a video. It simply has so much impact. We can help you develop your social media platforms so that you will get seen by a far greater audience than you though possible.